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Tierra Contenta

Project Name: Tierra Contenta Master Planned Community

Location: City of Santa Fe, Southwest Sector

Type: Single Family, Townhome, Multifamily, Subdivision, Commercial, Community Services, Parks

Unit Count: 2,400 currently developed; 4,000 planned

Description: The non-profit Tierra Contenta Corporation was created by the City of Santa Fe in 1994 for the purpose of implementing the Tierra Contenta master plan. The master plan established the framework for a mixed-use, mixed-income community with homes, schools, offices, businesses, community services, parks and open space. At least 40 percent of the homes are affordable to those making 80 percent of the average monthly income or less.

Tierra Contenta, on behalf of the City of Santa Fe, is responsible for implementing the master plan, developing design standards and obtaining master plat and master development plan approvals for each phase of the development. Tierra Contenta provides spine infrastructure for builder/developers and finished lots for non-profit housing providers such as Santa Fe Habitat for Humanity, Homewise and The Housing Trust.

Tierra Contenta is currently in its fifth phase (Phase 2C), representing approximately two-thirds of the planned development. More than 2,300 units have been completed and occupied, comprised of 1,900 fee simple and 400 rental units. Approximately 45 percent of the units are affordable to those earning less than 80 percent of the average monthly income.

The Housing Trust and Tierra Contenta Corporation have partnered on the following projects: Arroyo Sonrisa (35 units), Arroyo Chico (17 units), Arroyo RisueƱo (13 units), Arroyo Sombra (35 units) and Village Sage (60 units).