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Homebuyers Education


The Housing Trust’s award-winning Homebuyer Training courses are offered on a monthly basis at no charge to the general public. These courses, combined with The Housing Trust’s Financial Literacy Class, create a solid foundation for families and individuals who may be daunted by the process of buying a home.

Financial Literacy Classes

Credit concept

Previously held on an as-needed basis, The Housing Trust began offering Financial Literacy classes in 2013. The classes provide detailed knowledge on the topics of budgeting, banking and credit. Exercises include developing a spending plan, tracking expenses, savings tools, checkbook balancing, basics of lending and understanding and obtaining good credit.

Our bilingual counselors provide documents to clients in English and Spanish and also offer valuable information about income taxes and how they are used, as well as tax form preparation. Additionally, clients are educated in the different types of insurance available and how to protect assets against loss.

Homebuyer Training Classes


Purchasing a home can be intimidating to the uninitiated, and The Housing Trust offers our award-winning Homebuyer Training course for free to the public on a monthly basis. Our certified instructors (our three housing counselors) as well as local real estate professionals (realtors, lenders, building consultants, etc.) walk potential home buyers step-by-step through the buying experience. This process makes home ownership a feasible reality for people who may not qualify to purchase under conventional means. Instructors provide information concerning special mortgage and downpayment assistance funding that currently is available, and attendees are given a Housing Trust-developed 156-page course guide that was written specifically for Santa Fe. A certificate of attendance is presented upon course completion.