We work with you to make home ownership possible!

If you’re reviewing this page because you already filled out your application, congratulations! You’ve already started the process. Please read on for your next steps. If not, just click on the download an application button below. After you’ve printed and filled out your application please feel free to mail it or drop it by the following address:

The Housing Trust
1111 Agua Fria Street
Santa Fe, NM 87501

How Does it Work?

At a private meeting with Housing Trust counselor, we listen to what you desire in a home. You receive expert advice about your credit and finances, which we use to assess your buying power as well as qualification for financial assistance and discounted homes. You will leave this meeting your first three steps towards home ownership. From then out, your counselor will be there every step of the way, and we will be there to congratulate you when you close on your home!

To start, please bring copies of the following to your appointment:

Please bring $25.87 for an individual credit report / $51.74 for a joint credit report.

(Cash / Check – We do not have a credit card machine in the office.)

When you have your paperwork assembled call 505-989-3960 to schedule your appointment.

We can work with your realtor or lender!