Mortgage Reduction Assistance

One of the biggest challenges faced by potential homeowners is the ability to save up enough money for a down payment. With mortgage reduction assistance the amount needed for a down payment will be less. At The Santa Fe Community Housing Trust, we understand that saving is challenging and makes a huge impact on the day-to-day quality of your life, and that the risks can often seem to outweigh the rewards.

That’s why we work with clients to determine whether they can qualify for mortgage reduction assistance via CDBG, the City Housing Trust Fund and City and County programs as well as through our own pool of revolving loans, generally distributed at a level of up to $20,000.

For each loan request that The Santa Fe Community Housing Trust receives, credit-worthiness and property values are not the only factors considered, which sets us apart as real estate values continue to rise. We also examine the impact the loan would have on sustaining homeownership for the borrower, and consider the neighborhood and broader impact the loan would have.

We develop programs to meet a wide variety of lending needs and employ a variety of funding sources. Preference is granted when possible to veterans, special needs households, larger families, displaced homemaker-headed households, or lower income applicants (those earning less than 80% of the median income).It’s time to make your goal a reality, and it’s time to do it with The Santa Fe Community Housing Trust.

Upcoming Events

We are now offering our Homebuyer Training classes via Zoom.

Please call 505.989.3960 to find out when our next meeting will be and put your name on the list. The meeting link will be emailed out to you prior to the training.