We are now offering our Homebuyer Training classes via Zoom


Homebuyer Education

We offer homebuying training courses that are always free, always open to the public. Each class is offered on a running basis once a month at a time that’s convenient for busy, full-time employees, single parents and others who have nontraditional schedules.

Yes, there’s a lot to know when it comes to buying a home in Santa Fe, but our classes make it less daunting. To learn more get in touch with us.

These popular classes, taught by bilingual counselors, have been offered for years, and now we’re hosting them more often than ever. These classes provide detailed knowledge on the topics of budgeting, banking, credit and more. Students in this free class do hands-on, real-world activities like developing a spending plan; tracking expenses; creating savings tools; learning checkbook balancing; income tax filing; and finding out the basics of lending and understanding and obtaining good credit. Additionally, clients are educated in the different types of insurance available and how to protect assets against loss, especially important for new homeowners or those considering purchasing a home.

Get educated before you make the biggest purchase of your life.

If you’ve never purchased a home, the process probably seems quite daunting. But answering your questions is what we’re here for, and our classes aim to answer every question you have about the process in a simple and easy-to-understand way. This award-winning class is free and happens once a month, and whether you’re already far along in the process or only thinking of buying far in the future, the information you learn will be of value to both you and your family. Our bilingual, certified instructors, as well as local real estate professionals such as realtors, lenders and building consultants, walk potential home buyers step-by-step through the whole buying experience.

This process not only answers lingering questions but makes homeownership feasible for people who may not qualify to purchase under conventional means. Our instructors provide information concerning special mortgage and downpayment assistance funding available, and all attendees are given a Housing Trust-developed 156-page course guide that was written specifically for Santa Fe. A certificate of attendance is presented upon course completion.

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