This staff member is generally knowledgeable and experienced in home buyer assistance, loan review, real estate transactions, organization and documentation for loan administration, and program reporting. Position requires very good computer skills including word processing, spreadsheet and database program experience. Must be able to establish rapport with clientele and work in team setting. Positive attitude, reliability, production, and people skills are essential work expectations.




  1. Two years similar level experience preferably in affordable housing programs, counseling, administration, banking, real estate.
  2. Knowledge of housing
  3. Knowledge of resources and referral
  4. Ability to obtain and interpret financial data, systematically report, and maintain program
  5. Ability to communicate effectively, prepare written and statistical
  6. Proficiency with personal computers, skills – ability to use data base, spreadsheet, financial calculations, word processing and desktop publishing
  7. Degree in related field or two years additional experience
  8. Spanish language
  9. Candidate must have passed or be able to pass the HUD Housing Counselor Certification Exam with 60 days of hire date. For more info see:


1 .   Implementation of homebuyer assistance programs in compliance with internal policies and controls and funding requirements. This includes lending, sales of discounted homes, establishing client qualifications for assistance and related activities.

  1. Outreach to clients in a variety of settings g. employers, educational facilities, governmental offices and other sources of clientele.
  2. Collaboration with local government staff, loan officers, credit counselors, realtors and other housing professionals to assure that comprehensive referral is provided as
  3. Intake, screening referrals, follow-up and other tasks necessary to provide a high standard of client
  4. Prepare statistical and written
  5. Make oral presentations for homebuyer training classes, Board of Directors, lending institutions, etc. to small and large Market products to interested concerns.
  6. Preparation of grant and funding
  7. Coordination of work with volunteers and assigned staff
  8. Other duties as assigned by SUPERVISION

Minimal to moderate supervision is required depending on experience and background.  Must have the ability to work independently, initiate necessary collaborations, and problem solve in program areas. Incumbent must seek out and use resources at hand to learn/keep current on particulars of programs to be administered.



The incumbent will extensively use computers, copiers, scanner and other office equipment. Facilities are not all state of art. Incumbent may be required to perform duties after 5:00, attend meetings after 5:00 and some weekend days. Incumbent must have use of an automobile and possess a valid New Mexico Driver’s License. Occasional out-of-town travel will be required. Small office requires flexibility in assignments, sharing equipment, and adaptability.



The Santa Fe Community Housing Trust (SFCHT) is a community development organization that helps low-income residents of the northern New Mexico gain access to capital, economic literacy and affordable housing so that they can improve the quality of their lives and become more economically self-sufficient.  Staffing levels fluctuate from 7 to 10. Cross training and backup assignments are in place to assure comprehensive coverage of client services. Generally, its work is conducted in Santa Fe but outreach and classes are conducted throughout the state. Work hours are generally Monday through Friday, 8 a,m, to 5 p.m. but may vary based on particular assignments. Santa Fe Community Housing Trust is an Equal Opportunity Employer and assures fair, non-discriminatory program delivery.

Due to the current social distancing restrictions, our office is closed to walk-in traffic and all Homebuyer Training Courses been cancelled until further notice.

We are still working and available to clients via phone or email. 

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