Our help. Your Home.


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The Housing Trust will be your advocate through the entire home buying process.

  1. Download and print out our application form. Or you can pick one up at our office on 1111 Agua Fria Street.
  2. Gather your last three year’s tax returns and w-2 forms, three month’s bank statements and one month’s worth of pay stubs. If you can’t find some of these documents, don’t let that hold you back. We can help you track them down.
  3. Call 505-989-3960 to make an appointment with one of our homebuyer counselors.
  4. Working together with your counselor, create a plan that will put you on a path to home ownership.
  5. Meet with a lender to pre-qualify for a mortgage. When you have qualified, your housing counselor will provide you with a list of homes that you can afford. You also may want to approach a realtor to find out about housing options on the open market. Once under contract, your counselor will assist you with reviewing your purchase contract and title documents, as well as walking you through your closing documents.