Our help. Your Home.

Partners Realtors®

Like many of our partners in the real estate community, Realtors are essential to many of our activities. Because we dont have Realtors on staff, many of our clients can benefit from Realtor services.

How can the Housing Trust benefit your clients?

Mortgage Counseling
Housing Trust counselors work with your clients to assess their mortgage readiness, repair credit refer them to appropriate lending programs. What this means is more qualified buyers with increased purchasing power.

Downpayment Assistance
The Housing Trust has several down payment assistance programs for qualified families. With assistance up to $25,000 clients will have increased buying power and an easier time qualifying for a good mortgage.

How can you help The Housing Trust?
We are always looking for Realtors to assist with our homebuyer training classes. This is a great way to give back to the community and gain exposure to potential new clients. Contact Ron Chavez for more information.

We are also always looking for potential homes for our clients. If you have a listing under $225,000 it might be a good fit for our clients. Feel free to forward a flier or copy of the MLS listing to Maria Horta for inclusion in our MLS binder.


How do I know that my client won’t “disappear” when I send them to The Housing Trust?
The Housing Trust has no Realtors on staff. The best way to ensure that we are aware of an established client relationship is to make the referral yourself, and to come with your client at the initial intake interview.

Will I get a commission for my services if my client buys an affordable unit?
Some developers we work with pay commissions, some do not. Higher priced affordable units are more likely to pay commissions. A good rule of thumb is that if your clients mortgage preapproval is below $150,000, their housing options are limited and the likelihood that the home they select will be in a cooperating development is low. In those situations, hand them off to us early, before you have spent a lot of time, and we will see them through the process every step of the way.