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Special Needs

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Helen Keller

HOPWA and Shelter + Care

HUD-funded and initiated in 1996, this program assisted 79 people living with HIV with budget and credit counseling, a downpayment savings plan, help with purchasing a home and post-purchase counseling in 2013. One of our three housing counselors is the project manager for this program as well as our Shelter + Care service, which is referral-based HUD-funding passed through the City of Santa Fe for homeless individuals and families with disabilities.

Shelter + Care provided rental assistance to more than households in 2013, covering a portion of clients’ rental costs. Clients paid up to 30 percent of their household income (minimum of $50) towards their rental costs, with the remaining balance of 70 percent or more paid directly to landlords by The Housing Trust. In addition to rental assistance, clients receive housing counseling services from The Housing Trust, including assistance in developing a budgeting plan and debt reduction.