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Board of Directors

Patricia Nie, President, has been an active force in housing low income New Mexicans for more than 20 years. She is the VP of Community Development with Wells Fargo Bank and has served on many nonprofit boards and housing coalitions.

Wayne Miller, Vice President, is the VP of Commercial Real Estate for Washington Federal Bank, and a native son. Besides his abiding commitment to affordable housing, he is active with the Santa Fe Home Builders Association.

John Quintana, Secretary, is a retired affordable housing professional and advocate for low income and disabled community members, as well as for people with HIV/AIDS.

Leroy Baca, Treasurer, a VP with Century Bank, has been a mortgage lender since 1982. Leroy volunteers as a trainer in the Housing Trust’s homebuyer education program.

Ed Archuleta, Member, is a social worker and assisted in the founding of the St. Elizabeth Shelter. He is a community activist working to end homelessness.

Father Terry Brennan, Member, is the pastor for Santa Domingo Pueblo parish. Father Terry is a former lawyer and a tireless advocate for the homeless.

Mari Gay Grana, Member, retired community development professional and award winning poet and writer. Mari served on Governor Richardson’s Ethics Committee.

Natasya Gundersen, Member, Natasya and her husband Gary are organic farmers and members of the Certified Organic NM Producers, Processors, Handlers and Retailers Association.

Estevan Trujillo, Member, is a principal of e3 Design Lab. He is the President of Greenvote and is active in the Adobe Alliance, which promotes cooperative building techniques.

William “Rusty” Wafer, Member, is a Commercial Realtor with Santa Fe Properties and a Santa Fe native. Rusty is a volunteer with homebuyer education.